Compact Stand for Azerlottery  
Award concept for TBA 2020 conference - V1  
TV Studio for Azerlottery (Khazar TV Channel)  
Interior concept for Bakcell Dealer Shops  
Azerbaijan Exhibition Stand for ATM Dubai  
Tourist booth concept for Euro 2020 in Baku  
Hotel Stars plates for Azerbaijan Hotels Association  
Interior for a Lounge Bar  
Informational lightboxes for "Baku City Tour" bus stops  
Interior design for Karvansaray Hotel in Sheki, Azerbaijan  
Kitchen design for a country house in "Provence" style  
Exterior and veranda for a country house  
Kitchen design in "studio" style  
Studio design for a TV channel  
"Back to 1960th's". Just a car in a style of 60-70th's, (non-existing car model)  
Studio design for a sport TV channel  
Racing Car concept  
Kiosk Concept for Azerlottery (National Lottery Operator)  
Kiosk Concept for Azerlottery (National Lottery Operator)  
Cafe/Canteen Concept for Topaz  
Kitchen design in studio style  
Leisure Zone concept for Topaz  
Signboards for "Salubre" Shop  
Sand Clock 3D Model for TBC Kredit Advertisement  
Aircraft 3D model  
Kitchen design in "Provance" style  
Anniversary Coin concept for Azerinteltek  
Topaz VIP sales point concept  
Kiosk Concept for Topaz  
"Small explorer" 3D composition